Brazilian Chain Wraps Burgers in Edible Paper

Would you eat the paper wrapper on a fast food burger? As crazy as it sounds, Bob’s fast food chain in Brazilian wrapped their burgers in edible paper as part of a recent marketing campaign. Watch the customers eat the wrapped burgers in the video below.

1969 Ford Mustang Made Out Of Paper

Jonathan Brand build every single part of the 1969 Ford Mustang made -compliantly- out of paper. He is very skilled when it comes to handling paper. Using 3D software he’s able to flatten out a model of the car into printable sections that can then be carefully folded and glued together. Jonathan has completed the engine, the seats, a… Continue reading 1969 Ford Mustang Made Out Of Paper

Record Player Wedding Invitation

This awesome wedding invitation made by graphic designer Kelli Anderson. It looks like a standard wedding invitation card, but when you open it up, you’ll see that it’s a real paper folded record player (flexidisc record) wedding single, recorded by the newlyweds! Watch the video of the player in action below.