Loupedeck: Photo Editing Console for Adobe Lightroom

Loupedeck is a new special photos editing console for Adobe Lightroom. Its designed to improve the users photo editing experience by replacing the mouse and keyboard with a series of strategically placed knobs and buttons. The device works seamlessly with Apple and PC operating systems, providing tactile inputs for making quick, intuitive work of editing, tagging,… Continue reading Loupedeck: Photo Editing Console for Adobe Lightroom

Great Price for the Lytro Illum Camera

Lytro Illum camera is the first high-end camera to capture the entire light field. I came across a great deal on Geeky Gadgets Deals store today for the Lytro Illum camera, it is available for $369.99. The original price was $1,299.99, thats about 71% discount. I never thought the price will drop this low. Watch the video below to learn more about… Continue reading Great Price for the Lytro Illum Camera

New Custom Blurring Tool for Videos on YouTube

YouTube launched a Custom Blurring tool that lets creators blur moving objects on their videos. You can simply blur faces or sensitive information without having to re-shoot an entire scene. The new tool will let you blur objects throughout your video, right within YouTube. Draw a box around whatever it is you want to blur. The… Continue reading New Custom Blurring Tool for Videos on YouTube

Brilliant Photo Manipulation Art

Graphic designer Adrian Sommeling, from Amsterdam, has spent years creating incredibly realistic images in an action-packed cinematic style, with each picture taking months to conceive. His art is imaginative and his photographs tell stories while his own son stars in most of the artistic ideas he creates.

Woman Aging Backwards in Photoshop

Photoshop artist PhotoshopSurgeon has taken a detailed close-up shot of a 100-year-old Vietnamese woman and reverse-aged her into a 30-year-old young woman. The original image was taken by photographer Bùi Linh Ngân in Vietnam. The photoshop transformations video was posted in 2013, but began trending again recently with over 6.7 million views. via: BuzzFeed

Relonch Letter of Appreciation

Relonch team prepared a letter of gratitude to all their customers from 28 countries in a 15-second video. They also included a special Relonch Camera Club cards to all people who made a pre-order. The Relonch Camera Club gives a privilege of early access to the camera testing, participants in photo-educational events and access to Guru Online Advice priority line.

Relonch: A High Quality Pocket Camera For Your iPhone

The Relonch is a camera module for the iPhone 5 and 6 that comes with an improved APS-C sensor and a fast prime lens. The camera snaps onto an iPhone let users take high-end magazine quality photos. It also comes with an external battery pack for your phone, to help your phone stay charged if needed.… Continue reading Relonch: A High Quality Pocket Camera For Your iPhone

The Story Behind Adobe Illustrator

A short video documentary about Adobe Illustrator that tells the story of the revolutionary software from its launch in 1987 to its rise to prominence in digital publishing, and how it changed graphic design forever. via: Laughing Squid