My New Nikon D3100

Last month, I bought one of the most affordable and economic DSLR cameras in the market. Its the Nikon D3100, this camera is really great for amature photographers like me, but at the same time it offers all the important features and new technologies and is capable to produce a very high quality photos. The… Continue reading My New Nikon D3100

Red Bull Snapped: It’s Here!

It’s a good time for photos, and it’s a great time for photography enthusiasts like you. Snapped is the newest creation by Red Bull; It is the only place where Red Bull events can be seen through the camera lens of the public. Anyone can register, start uploading their photos taken at Red Bull events,… Continue reading Red Bull Snapped: It’s Here!

Colorful Exploding Water Balloons

Artist Ryan Taylor from Cedar Rapids, Iowa has taken some water balloons and used them to create some really cool photos. He used some camera gear and lighting to catch the beautiful images you see here. Taylor used strobe lights, colored water, milk, paint, and balloons for the shots. Via: Slash Gear

Hitachi LifeStudio Mobile Plus

The Hitachi LifeStudio Mobile Plus (USB 2.0 External Drive – 250GB, 300GB and 500GB) automatically finds and organizes photos, movies, music, and files into a stunning 3D wall* so you can easily view all your content from one location, plus access and post photos to Facebook, Flickr and Picasa. The included auto-sync USB key delivers… Continue reading Hitachi LifeStudio Mobile Plus

Studio M Automobile Photography

Introducing local talent Mishari Al Reshaid car photography specialist. This guy does brilliant work folks or I wouldn’t be telling you about him. Check out the rest of his photos on his Flickr page. Looking to have your baby (your car, duh!) professionally photographed? Now you can. Just give him a holler at: Phone: 99501752 e-mail: Flickr: