Hover Camera: Foldable Self-Flying Camera Drone

The Hover Camera by Zero Zero Robotics, is a compact, foldable drone that comes with a high-definition camera. The drone opens into a square shape when it’s ready to launch and folds in half when it’s not in use. Simply toss it into the air and let it self-stabilize, and it will trail behind you. The main camera at… Continue reading Hover Camera: Foldable Self-Flying Camera Drone

Anura Pocket Drone

Anura is a pocket-sized drone, created by San Francisco-based photographer Jason Lam, that folds up to the size of two iPhone 6s put together. It includes a built-in camera that links up to an app which is available for both iOS and Android phones that can record video or snap stills. It can run on a single charge for about… Continue reading Anura Pocket Drone