Grappler Police Bumper

Grappler Police Bumper is a clever invention that can help the police to put an end to high-speed pursuits. The V-shaped grappling device comes with a heavy-duty nylon net that can be lowered from the front of the pursuing police car to wrap around the rear tire of the suspect car, bring it to a… Continue reading Grappler Police Bumper

TrapTap: Wireless Speed Trap Indicator

TrapTap is a hands-free indicator device that you put anywhere in your car to be warned of speed traps, red light cameras, and school zones by flashing different colors. It already knows the location of every red light camera and school zone but relies on its community of users to mark the location of mobile… Continue reading TrapTap: Wireless Speed Trap Indicator

Woman Fined for Posting Photo of Police Car in Handicapped Space

A Spanish woman has been ordered to pay €800 for posting photo of a police car parked in handicapped space. The unnamed woman, a resident of Petrer in Alicante, south-east Spain, posted the photo on her Facebook page with the comment “Park where you bloody well please and you won’t even be fined”. The Citizens Security Law, popularly… Continue reading Woman Fined for Posting Photo of Police Car in Handicapped Space

How to Get Out of a Police Car!

Prankster Jack Vale rented a police car for the day to perform a new prank with his son Chris on people by sitting in the back of a police car and asking random strangers to help get them out. Watch the video below.

British Police Unveils Formula 1 Inspired Squad Car

The British Police has unveiled its latest Formula-1 inspired squad car, the Caparo T1, at Autosport International in Birmingham, UK. The supercar won’t be chasing down speeding motorists with officers instead using the vehicle to help them get their road safety messages through to motorists. The Caparo T1 is a British made mid-engine two-seat vehicle built by Caparo Vehicle Technologies.… Continue reading British Police Unveils Formula 1 Inspired Squad Car

World’s First Skateboarding Cop

Officer Joel Zwicky, 40, “skateboard cop” combines his hobby with work to patrols neighborhoods and city streets on his customised board. And in a first of its kind anywhere in the world, Officer Zwicky now hopes to introduce a full unit consisting just skateboard cops. Watch the video below.

World’s Fastest Police Car Unveiled

The British police force has unveiled the world’s fastest police car to help crack down on speeding cars. Avon and Somerset Police are using the 350bhp Ariel Atom as part of a campaign to break down barriers with motorists and spread a road safety message. The vehicle will be exhibited at roadshows across the southwest this summer. The… Continue reading World’s Fastest Police Car Unveiled