Invisible Driver in a Tesla Car

Magician Prankster¬†Rahat Hussein¬†from¬†Magic Of Rahat¬†channel¬†has¬†performed a crazy¬†prank where he surprised unsuspecting¬†people¬†on the¬†road¬†by driving¬†a Tesla¬†with a car-seat costume, so it looks as though there’s no driver in the car. Check out the people’s hilarious relation as they pass by the vehicle in the video below.

Hilarious Door Knocker Prank

A New Zealand energy company Energy Online has created a hilarious commercial where they pranked a number of door-to-door sales people and gave them the scare of their lives. In the video below, check out the sales people reactions when the door knocker comes to life to scare them away.

How to Get Out of a Police Car!

Prankster Jack Vale rented a police car for the day to perform a new prank with his son Chris on people by sitting in the back of a police car and asking random strangers to help get them out. Watch the video below.

Ouija Psychic Terror Prank

Remember the people who brought the devil baby prank and the coffee shop telekinetic girl¬†going all Carrie.¬†Well, they are back with another new¬†video of an eye-popping psychic played by world record holder Kim Goodman in a fake¬†psychic shop scaring¬†unsuspecting people with the help of a zombie breaking¬†through the floor. The prank was created to promote… Continue reading Ouija Psychic Terror Prank

Barack Obama Look-Alike Fools People in New York City

President Barack Obama look-alike Louis Ortiz recently tricked thousands of people in New York City while visiting Times Square. All it took was a full security detail, dozens of fake fans. This stunt was arranged by MaxMan.TV. Watch the video below.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranks Gold’s Gym Members

Arnold Schwarzenegger has returned to his old training ground, the Gold’s Gym in Venice, California¬†to prank some members.¬†The 66-year-old former bodybuilder was¬†disguised in a black wig, fake black mustache and black baseball cap. In the¬†video, the pranking is for a good cause.¬†Schwarzenegger is raising awareness¬†and money for the After-School All-Stars, a nationwide program that provides… Continue reading Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranks Gold’s Gym Members

Devil Baby Terrifies New Yorkers

Pranksters created a remote control doll that popped up¬†from its stroller¬†and terrifies unsuspecting New Yorkers. The prank was the work of the makers of the new horror movie¬†Devil’s Due, they created a robotic creepy doll¬†that suddenly¬†jumps from under the blankets¬†in a stroller to scare shoppers. The people are lured to the stroller by the sound… Continue reading Devil Baby Terrifies New Yorkers

Drive-Thru Skeleton Prank

Magician Prankster Rahat Hussein from Magic Of Rahat channel is known for his hilarious drive-thru pranks. In his latest video, a skeleton drives up to grab fast food, only to freak out the employees waiting with his burger and fries.