Why Did The Concorde Airplane Stop Flying?

The Concorde supersonic jet was the Rolex of aviation. The Concorde was first flown in 21 January 1976 by the British Aircraft Corporation and France’s AĆ©rospatiale. On that day a British Airways Concorde flight flew from London to Bahrain and an Air France Concorde flight flew from Paris to Rio de Janeiro via Dakar. On… Continue reading Why Did The Concorde Airplane Stop Flying?

World’s First Supersonic Private Jet

Flexjet has placed a 20-unit order on the Aerion AS2, the world’s first supersonic private jet,Ā developed in collaboration with Airbus using Supersonic Natural Flow technology, created under DARPA and tested by NASA. The private jet planeĀ is expected to beĀ readyĀ to operateĀ by the year 2023. Watch the video below. via: Gizmodo

Four Seasons Private Jet

Four Seasons Hotels and ResortsĀ launched the world’s first ever fully branded hotel private jet. ExperienceĀ theĀ first-class ticket to the worldā€™s most unique and immersive luxury vacation, style and legendary serviceĀ in the sky. The airplaneĀ is aĀ custom-designed Boeing 757 thatĀ features 52 flatbed seats in handcrafted leather isĀ the work off Italian design Iacobucci,Ā as well as uniformed cabin crew.Ā Passengers are… Continue reading Four Seasons Private Jet