World’s First Real-Life Hoverboard By Hendo

Inventor Greg Henderson, at Hendo, has created an actual, functional real-life hoverboard, which uses “magnetic field architecture” to levitate people and objects above special surfaces. The hover engine developer kits are now available on Kickstarter with a $250,000 goal, which has so far raised more than $299,430. Watch the video below. via: The Verge

The Hoverboard, Is It Real or Fake?

The hoverboard is finally here? Or is it just a big Internet hoax? A company called HUVr claims that the hoverboard has finally arrived, and they promise its real! In an attempt to make it even more believable they recently released a video with Christopher Lloyd (Doc from Back To The Future movie), introducing the Hoverboard to a group of athletes and celebrities… Continue reading The Hoverboard, Is It Real or Fake?

Red Bull Racing’s American Vacation

Former F1 driver David Coulthard and 2011 Championship-winning, took a high speed tour of the New York metropolitan area in an RB7 race car for Red Bull Racing’s second American Vacation tour. The tour is a promo for the proposed 2013 Grand Prix of America race that would take place on the streets of Weehawken and… Continue reading Red Bull Racing’s American Vacation