Housekeeping Caught On Camera

A video caused controversy online as hotel housekeeping staff is caught on a webcam looking through a hotel’s guest personal belongings. A guest Vince Stravix of an unnamed hotel in the United States left his laptop camera recording to see just what housekeeping got up to when alone in his room. The video shows the… Continue reading Housekeeping Caught On Camera

Mada Enhanced the Online Gaming Experience

Mada Communications recently partnered with North African telecommunication company TeliaSonera to enhance the online gaming experience for online players in Kuwait, using Mada’s wireless internet service. Through this service Mada gave the players many advantages by giving them a quick response time while playing online games in both regional and international online communities. In addition… Continue reading Mada Enhanced the Online Gaming Experience

Limited Edition: FIFA 12 VIP Kit

A limited edition version of FIFA 12 VIP kits by Electronic Arts (EA). Only 40 kits were made and have been launched in selected stores on Tuesday, 27th of September. Electronic Arts gave Facebook users a chance to win the VIP kit if they join EA Insider Deals Facebook page by clicking on the “Like” post and they will… Continue reading Limited Edition: FIFA 12 VIP Kit

Coffee Table Transforms into Cockpit

The RACE-STAR ConverTTable transforms in no time from a designer coffee table into a full simulator cockpit! Use it with your existing hifi system, PC or game console and your TV to game in your living room, and once you are finished playing it converts back into a coffee table. RACE-STAR ConverTTable is a new… Continue reading Coffee Table Transforms into Cockpit