Kuwait: Discover the Opportunity

QCPTV posted another documentary Kuwait: Discover the Opportunity showcase the future projects that will take place in Kuwait. The fascinating short documentary talks about business opportunities and investment in Kuwait and examines a new legislation that allows companies to be 100% foreign owned. The ongoing 13-minute long video is produced for British Airways media in-flight entertainment… Continue reading Kuwait: Discover the Opportunity

Inspiring Kuwait: A Breathtaking Tour Above Kuwait

Falcon RC Hobby has released a video called “Inspiring Kuwait” filmed and directed by Ali Younis, using DJI Inspire and S1000 drones with Canon 5D Mark III. The video covers the length and breadth of Kuwait. Filming the most iconic landmarks and the remarkable coastline, featuring downtown Kuwait, Al Khiran area, Souq Sharq mall, Bubiyan Island and the… Continue reading Inspiring Kuwait: A Breathtaking Tour Above Kuwait

Amazing Special Documentary About Kuwait

Kuwait: Through Our Eyes is an outstanding documentary series of four parts that gives you a brief introduction about Kuwait. The ongoing 40-minute long video is produced by QCPTV for the British Airways media in-flight entertainment system (AVOD). In my opinion, so far this is probably one of the best videos ever made about Kuwait.

Mentioned By Huffington Post Blogger

I thought I should mention this! Mohammed Salarbux posted an article, called Climate Change: A Religious Perspective, talking about how Islam and our Prophet Muhammad forbids wasting precious resources even if it is available in abundance. He referred to my post Hadith on Bottled Water in Australia in his article.

Instagram: A Big Business Opportunity in Kuwait

Over the past two years, Instagram has become a big business opportunity for Kuwaitis, selling anything and everything through the photo sharing app. It has become a very easy tool and a cheap way for small business owner, entrepreneurs and even big businesses to post photos of their products using their Instagram accounts as an… Continue reading Instagram: A Big Business Opportunity in Kuwait

Zain Social Media Day at Al Hamra Tower

The Social Media Day is an annual international event on June 30 that recognizes the digital revolution happening around the world. The Social media has made a huge impact in Kuwait and the rest of the world. The event was an opportunity for the Bloggers and the leading online media brands to go offline and… Continue reading Zain Social Media Day at Al Hamra Tower

The Blogs Lounge – The Ultimate Kuwait Ranking List

The Blogs Lounge is the first Kuwaiti online blog directory dedicated to provide the Internet community with the best resource available today, by calculating the ranking of the most visited blogs (growing every day), and the latest blogs posts to users absolutely free! Using the data from alexa.com to determine website ratings by measuring the unique… Continue reading The Blogs Lounge – The Ultimate Kuwait Ranking List