CableRobot Motion Simulator

The CableRobot Simulator is created by Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics and was unveiled during the Driving Simulation Conference & Exhibition in Tübingen, Germany. This expansive design concept is intended for racing games and flight simulators, which took two years to built. It uses a polyhedron-shaped gondola suspended in a 200-cubic-meter hall by a… Continue reading CableRobot Motion Simulator

4X4 Remote Control Car Hydroplanes On Water

Traxxas, a remote control car manufacturer, has recently posted an amazing video of their Slash 4×4 RC car that can skim across the water and do jumps, thanks to paddle tires and high-speed gearing.

TL3 Racing Simulator

TL3 Racing Simulator is a high-end racing simulators that provides realistic motion for a complete driving experience. The Racing Simulator includes a 200º spherical projector with 6 million pixels, that wraps around the drivers seating position to create a complete realistic view. It features a pod made from composite materials, CNC machined with laser precision and… Continue reading TL3 Racing Simulator

Polish Racer Drifts Using His Feet

Polish pro drifter Bartosz Ostałowski has learned how to drive using his feet after losing both of his arms in a traffic accident in 2006. Not only he drives, but he does it really well. In the video below, Bartosz drives a Nissan Skyline R34, which was custom built for him to adapt to it,… Continue reading Polish Racer Drifts Using His Feet

RC Drift Cars in Japan

It took me a while to realize that it was really a remote-controlled car. Watch as several drifting cars smoothly slip and slide through the curves at the WARU Circuit in Yokohama, Japan. Watch the video below.

Amazing Drifting With Remote-Control Lexus RC F

Professional driver Drift44 puts his skills to the test behind the 1/10-scale remote control version of the Lexus RC F Sport Coupe. In video below, which is a part of a TV commercial for Lexus, featuring the little Remote-Control car parallel parking, bowling, and lighting a match (you got to see it to believe it) by drifting past a rough wall.

Chris Forsberg Drifts in a Datsun 280Z

The Formula Drift Championship, Chris Forsberg that won the Formula Drift Championship in 2009, in a 3 minute intense professional driving for Clarion commercial. In the video, showing Chris driving a Nissan 370Z and daydreaming of drifting in a 1975 Datsun 280Z.

Subaru WRX STI VS Stick Bomb

An epic race between a remote-controlled Subaru WRX STi and a wooden stick bomb. They show off the speed of their RC car as it hits jumps, smashes through brick walls, and maneuvers around tricky obstacles. According to Subaru Global, the making of the video took place in a studio in Japan over 3 days and nights.