Indian Boy With Gigantic Hands

Kaleem (8-year-old) from India, is unable to carry out simple tasks, including tying his own shoe laces and feeding himself, after he was born with hands twice the size of an average baby. Kaleem suffers from a rare, undiagnosed, disorder that has caused his hands to grow out of proportion. Each hand is over 13 inches in length… Continue reading Indian Boy With Gigantic Hands

Woman With the Giant Leg

38-year-old Mandy Sellars suffers from an extremely rare condition, which made her legs and feet three times their normal size. She even had her massive left leg amputated after it became infected with septicaemia. But the stump soon started growing again and within three years measured a meter in circumference and weighed 3stone. Mandy has now been told it has… Continue reading Woman With the Giant Leg