The New Five Pound Note Plays Records

The new British polymer five pound notes have the ability to play vinyl records. A video posted on YouTube by Michael Ridge has shown he was able to play a song for ABBA – Money, Money, Money on his record player using the new five pound note as a needle.

Toc: Vinyl Vertically Record Player

The Toc is Vertical record player designed by Roy Harpaz that plays your precious classic albums in modern style technology of today than a regular record player. The device can be controlled via remote, or with LED touch buttons built into the front panel. It even allows for warped records to be played, and for… Continue reading Toc: Vinyl Vertically Record Player

iRig Mic Field: Audio-video Stereo Field Microphone

The iRig Mic Field is a pocket-sized digital stereo microphone that enables you to make high-quality stereo recordings while on the move, using Apple’s range of Lightning-compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. The microphone rotates 90° for optimal audio/video positioning and locks in place with comfortable to use controls for the best stereo image in both… Continue reading iRig Mic Field: Audio-video Stereo Field Microphone

German Man Makes Chocolate Records

Peter Lardong, a former brewery employee from Berlin, Germany, created an edible record album made completely out of chocolate, and it actually works. Each chocolate record costs about $6 and can be played on a standard record player for up to twelve times before it wears out. Watch the video below. via: Laughing Squid

Anthem: Disembodied Heads Beatboxing Music Video

Kansas-based Independent artist Kawehi created one of the most unique and creative music videos ever made. The song is called Anthem, it features the artist singing at a table, removing boxed-up versions of her own head to accompany herself through layers of beatboxing. Every sound you hear in the music video was created solely with artist vocals.

Keezy: IOS Beatboxing App

Keezy is an iPhone app that allows you to created your own short sound clip. The new IOS Beatboxing app is free to download on the App store, it can record noises to transform them in to tunes. Watch the video, demonstrated by Reggie Watts, to learn more about the Keezy application and see it in action.

Record Player Wedding Invitation

This awesome wedding invitation made by graphic designer Kelli Anderson. It looks like a standard wedding invitation card, but when you open it up, you’ll see that it’s a real paper folded record player (flexidisc record) wedding single, recorded by the newlyweds! Watch the video of the player in action below.