Remote-Controlled Caterpillar D11T Bulldozer

A video of a Caterpillar’s massive D11T bulldozer being operated by a remote control joystick. The over 900 horsepower machine weights over 120 tons and its designed for moving huge piles of earth in locations too dangerous for human operators. via: The Awesomer

Amazing Fast & Furious Remote Control Car Chase

At first glance, this car chase may look like a clip from the upcoming Fast & Furious movie. This spectacular car chase video was actually captured using radio-controlled cars. Vax Studio paid a tribute to the late actor Paul Walker by re-creating a car chase scene from Fast & Furious movie between Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel)… Continue reading Amazing Fast & Furious Remote Control Car Chase

Subaru WRX STI VS Stick Bomb

An epic race between a remote-controlled Subaru WRX STi and a wooden stick bomb. They show off the speed of their RC car as it hits jumps, smashes through brick walls, and maneuvers around tricky obstacles. According to Subaru Global, the making of the video took place in a studio in Japan over 3 days and nights.