Beautiful Cowling Chair Made From a Boeing 737 Jet Engine

Fallen Furniture created an amazing cowling chair built from the recycled engine of a Boeing 737 aircraft. The chair is made from an engine cowling of a Boeing 737, spins weightlessly 360 degrees around on its highly polished aluminum swiveling base and an interior upholstered with black leather. The company is very much into working… Continue reading Beautiful Cowling Chair Made From a Boeing 737 Jet Engine

Andrew Huang Creating Music From Car Parts

Andrew Huang is musician who works with many genres and many instruments. He recently created an amazing rhythmic musical composition from car parts which included rims, tires and related tools. Checkout the video below. via: Laughing Squid

Thieves Steal 4 Wheels Off New Range Rover In Kuwait

A video was sent to me by a friend that shows a 2014 Range Rover had its 4 rims and tires stolen with a shattered rear window. The incident happened in Khalidiya area this morning according to the information provided with the video. How is it that thieves can steal from people right in front of… Continue reading Thieves Steal 4 Wheels Off New Range Rover In Kuwait

Gorgeous Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Conference Table

MotoArt has created a stylish jumbo jet conference table—made from a 747’s General Electric engine nacelle. The gigantic table includes a 12 feet diameter glass-plate atop the nacelle, which has the capacity for 12 people, while also having six dedicated power and connectivity ports for your smartphones. The customized engine stator beneath the round tempered glass top includes an internal multi-colored LED lighting topped with a polished… Continue reading Gorgeous Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Conference Table

A Hand Polished Boeing 777 Wheel Coffee Table

A stunning coffee table made from an entirely authentic hand polished Boeing 777 wheel. The hand polished piece of art comes with a transparent glass tabletop above the aluminum wheel. It took its makers no less than 150 hours to complete. The unconventional table is displayed at Fallen Furniture, it measures 40 inches in diameter and it cost more than $5,700. via: Freshome

Q8 Mustang

I am a big fan of sports cars especially Mustangs, although I never owned one. This brings us to the subject of a new Kuwaiti Blog called Q8 Mustang. Q8 Mustang specializes in Mustang Body Kits, Wheels, Rims and Parts from the largest Mustang accessory dealers in the US. If you love Mustangs you should… Continue reading Q8 Mustang