Yamaha’s Motobot Rides a Motorcycle

Yamaha has developed an motorcycle-riding robot that aims to improve rider safety in someday. The Japanese company engineers designed the humanoid robot to ride the motorcycle much like humans would, and have full control to the steering and throttle controls, as you’ll see in the promo video below.

The World’s First Hotel Staffed By Robots

Motherboard takes a look inside the Henn na Hotel in Japan which is staffed entirely by robots. The hotel goes beyond using robots as a receptionist, as it is among the first to use facial recognition technology instead of swipe cards as room keys and a cool luggage carrier robots. Watch the video below.

Ouija Psychic Terror Prank

Remember the people who brought the devil baby prank and the coffee shop telekinetic girl going all Carrie. Well, they are back with another new video of an eye-popping psychic played by world record holder Kim Goodman in a fake psychic shop scaring unsuspecting people with the help of a zombie breaking through the floor. The prank was created to promote… Continue reading Ouija Psychic Terror Prank

Devil Baby Terrifies New Yorkers

Pranksters created a remote control doll that popped up from its stroller and terrifies unsuspecting New Yorkers. The prank was the work of the makers of the new horror movie Devil’s Due, they created a robotic creepy doll that suddenly jumps from under the blankets in a stroller to scare shoppers. The people are lured to the stroller by the sound… Continue reading Devil Baby Terrifies New Yorkers