Man Climbs A 280-Metre Chimney Without Safety Equipment

Daredevil Flaviu Cernescu uploaded a video on his YouTube page in which he climbs a massive 280-Metre (919-foot) industrial chimney in Pitesti, Romania, using nothing but a sketchy cable and old, rusty ladders hanging off the side. The 32-year-old walked across a rusted railing which runs across the summit of the hollow 280-metre structure.

5-Year-Old Boy Doing 90-Degree Push-Ups

Claudio Stroe (five-year-old) performing an astonishing rounds of 90-degree push-ups in a video taken by his father Lulian Stroe. Claudio and his brother Giuliano are considered to be the world’s strongest boy bodybuilders. They go through an exhausting two hour weight-training sessions seven days a week. via: Laughing Squid

The World’s Strongest Boys

Giuliano Stroe, aged 9, and his brother Claudiu, seven-year-old, hit the headlines as they trained to be the world’s strongest boys in a family of bodybuilders dubbed. The Romanian-born brothers have earned the moniker of “Hercules Brothers” for their incredible brawn and brute force. Both boys has been weightlifting since they were just two-years-old in Florence, Italy… Continue reading The World’s Strongest Boys

Ghe-O Rescue: The Ultimate All-Terrain Monster Vehicle

The Ghe-O Motors ‘Rescue’ is a Romanian custom built eight-foot-tall, 3.2-tonne, all-terrain vehicle that can blast through anything! The all-wheel-drive monster truck is powered by gas or diesel motors with up to 500 horsepower. It can be customized for fire-fighting with a 160 gallon water tank, medical support, or simply transporting 11 people across whatever hellish terrain you throw at it.… Continue reading Ghe-O Rescue: The Ultimate All-Terrain Monster Vehicle