Most Beautiful Landscapes Photos By Sarah Alsayegh

Kuwaiti photographer Sarah Alsayegh has gone to extraordinary lengths to captures some of the most beautiful landscapes in world. Included in her spectacular collection are Kuwait City,¬†Dubai’s skyline, Saudi Arabia¬†desert, Iceland’s famous iceberg lagoon, and the beauty¬†of¬†the array¬†of¬†red sandstone formations¬†in¬†Arizona.

Spectacular Time-Lapse Video Shows Wonders of the Night Sky

An amazing new time-lapse video¬†trailer from Brad Goldpaint¬†Photography previews the beautiful night sky¬†images captured for the upcoming film “Illusion of Lights: A Journey into the Unseen.” Image uploaded Jan. 21, 2015. Brad Goldpaint ‚ÄĒ the movie’s director, photographer and editor ‚ÄĒ has captured the stunning beauty¬†of¬†the¬†skylines filled with auroras, the¬†Milky Way, and the¬†skies full of… Continue reading Spectacular Time-Lapse Video Shows Wonders of the Night Sky

Wavelight: A Beautiful Time-Lapse of Star Trails in Arizona

Wavelight is a stunning time-lapse video that captures the beautiful scenery of the star trails set against the wave sandstone formation in Arizona. The video was produced through a partnership between Sunchaser Pictures, Bloodhoney, and BBC Earth.