Zack King’s Best Magic Tricks from 2014

Zach King posted his¬†personal favorite vines from 2014 on his YouTube channel.¬†The Los Angeles-based filmmaker show off his sharp editing skills. In one he is seen pulling a live kitten from still images on a monitor, another shows him flicking the icons from his iPhone onto a table, while in a third he puts a… Continue reading Zack King’s Best Magic Tricks from 2014

New Hilarious Photos At Nightmares Fear Factory

The¬†Niagara Falls Haunted House Nightmares Fear Factory¬†in Ontario, Canada, uses actors, noises and spooky lighting – though it’s almost always pitch black – in the experience that takes between 10 to¬†15 minutes journey. The reactions on the visitors¬†are¬†priceless.

A 13-Year-Old Rallyist Takes His Mother Out For A Wild Ride

Kalle Rovanper√§, 13 year old , is the son rally driver Harri Rovanper√§, who competed in the World Rally Championship from 1993 to 2006. Following in his¬†father’s footsteps, the¬†potential future WRC champion¬†drove a¬†Citroen C2 rally car through the forest with his mother onboard. The hilariously terrified woman was choking and gasping for air¬†during the wild¬†ride.… Continue reading A 13-Year-Old Rallyist Takes His Mother Out For A Wild Ride

Abandoned Child Prank

The Portuguese YouTube channel Canal Boom are known for their rather cruel but hilariously funny pranks. In the video below, show a groups of people approach a girl who is sitting with her head down crying. Watch what happens when these good samaritans stop to help the crying girl in the street in this terrifying prank.

Scary Skyscraper Tilting Windows

The John Hancock Tower in Chicago created a scary new attraction on 94th floor for people who visit the skyscraper. Windows tilt down extended out over 1,000 vertical feet of air to give you a better view of the ground beneath you. Watch the video below.

Creepy Wedding Cake With Two Bloody Severed Heads

Cake artist¬†Natalie Sideserf,¬†the owner of Austin bakery¬†Sideserf Cake Studio,¬†decided to avoid¬†the idea of making a traditional wedding cake when she and her husband were married last October. Natalie¬†took¬†the phrase “Till death do us part” to a whole new level by crafting¬†a hyperrealistic cake depicting both of their heads. Natalie¬†says, she¬†acknowledges the cake design was “very… Continue reading Creepy Wedding Cake With Two Bloody Severed Heads

Drive-Thru Skeleton Prank

Magician Prankster Rahat Hussein from Magic Of Rahat channel is known for his hilarious drive-thru pranks. In his latest video, a skeleton drives up to grab fast food, only to freak out the employees waiting with his burger and fries.

Illusion Prank: Magician Cut In Half Prank

Magician, Andy Gross, walked around posing as a man cut in half, scaring unsuspecting strangers with his illusion. Watch Andy in video below scaring people with his hilarious magic trick. Thanks Q8 Marron Glace