The Floating Screwdriver Trick

Ben from NightHawkInLight performed an awesome trick by making a screwdriver ‘magically’ float in mid-air with nothing but air holding it up! He used an air compressor gun to blow air at the tapered section of the handle, the weight of the screwdriver is balanced enough to allow it to float. Watch the video below.

ReadyCase: Multi-Function iPhone Case

ReadyCase is a very unique and exciting multi-function case for both iPhone 4/4s and the all new iPhone 5. The case is designed to easily fit in your pocket (less than 3mm thick). Made of aerospace grade composite materials. It features 3 integrated photo lenses, headphone clip, 8 or 16 gigabyte USB flash drive, multi-tool including bottle opener, blade and screwdriver, just… Continue reading ReadyCase: Multi-Function iPhone Case