Top Gear Invisible Van

RememberĀ theĀ Samsung Safety Truck when they use a built-in cameras and huge rear-mounted displays screens? Well it’s the same principle in effect here. Richard Hammond from Top Gear installs a huge display screens with cameras on a Ford Transit to give it the power of invisibility. The screensĀ gave a live feed of the town surroundings, making… Continue reading Top Gear Invisible Van

See-Through Hotel Restrooms in New York

The people in the restrooms at theĀ Boom Boom Room clubĀ on the 18th floor of the Standard Hotel,Ā New York City may get a fantastic view, thanks to the through floor-to-ceiling windows that is alsoĀ visible to people on the street. There are no signs in the bathrooms warning patrons that they can be seen from below. So,… Continue reading See-Through Hotel Restrooms in New York