Near Death Airplane Collision with Skydiver in Free Fall

Skydiving instructor Forest Pullman captured a video of a jump with a tandem passenger flying 13,000 feet over Thailand. Pullman’s equipment nearly collides with the plane he and his passenger just jumped out of. Both came very close to being killed after the pilot decided to make a 180-degree dive.

Angry Bird Giant Slingshot

French BASE jumper Tancrède Melet turned himself into a real-life Angry Bird, by building a giant slingshot to launch himself into the air. This video makes it look so much fun! via: Flying Frenchies

Skydiving Instructor Hit in the Face with a Shoe

A Student skydivers shoe flies off her foot and hits the instructor in the face seconds after he pulls the parachute. The pair were performing a tandem jump in Australia. Incredibly the woman manages to catch her shoe before it flies away. Watch the video below.

Guy Gets Kicked In The Head By Train Conductor

A young kid who tried to take a selfie right next to the tracks while a huge speeding train passed by him. Jared Michael received a kick to his head from a train conductor who stuck his leg out of the moving train, and the whole thing was caught on video. He wrote, “I guess I was still too close… Continue reading Guy Gets Kicked In The Head By Train Conductor