A Man Lip-Synced An Entire 7-Hour Road Trip

YouTuber White Rhino and his sister went on a 7-hour road trip, while lip-syncing to his popular songs collection. His sister was not amused, which she made quite clear by constantly rolling her eyes and trying her best to ignore him. Watch the video below.

Daredevil Puts Together Terrifying Stunt in Dubai

A terrifying video of a Russian daredevil Oleg Cricket hanging from the Princess Tower, the worlds tallest residential building at 414 m (1,358 ft) in Dubai without using any safety equipment.

Climbing The Ping An Finance Centre

Two climbers dedicating their lives to scaling some of the world’s tallest and most iconic buildings without safety harnesses. The young daredevil climbed to dizzying heights to take these stomach-turning selfie pictures from the tips of the Ping An Finance Centre, 660 meters (2,165 ft) in Shenzhen, China. Watch the video below.

Three Models Lip-Syncing Greatest Hits In Their Car

The stunning Sydney-based models have became an online overnight sensation with the release of their first debut car skit ‘Bohemian Carsody‘ which parodies Queen’s all-time classic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’. The video has reached over eighteen million views on YouTube. Calling themselves SketchSHE, the models-turned-comedy act have recently created the second ‘car jam’ clip after their first attempt, the performance… Continue reading Three Models Lip-Syncing Greatest Hits In Their Car

Police Officer Caught Lip-Syncing To Taylor Swift Song

A video posted by Dover Police Department’s Facebook page, shows Master Cpl. Jeff Davis, 48, driving a patrol car while lip-syncing to the popular pop song by Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’. You gotta love this guy’s personality! When he sees another car, he briefly stops his jamming, but swiftly continues when he accelerates away. The Dover Police… Continue reading Police Officer Caught Lip-Syncing To Taylor Swift Song

Wife Caught Rapping On Camera

A husband secretly recorded his wife rapping along to Salt-N-Pepa – None Of Your Business and uploaded the video to his YouTube Channel, which has earned over 2.7 million views in the process. ‘My wife is THE most beautiful human being I know and I absolutely adore the moments I get to watch her being herself,’ he writes in the… Continue reading Wife Caught Rapping On Camera

Crazy Selfie Taken On Top Of Hong Kong Skyscraper

A selfie video captured by photographers Daniel Lau on top the fifth tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong. The young daredevil have climbed The Centre 346 meters (1135 feet) above the ground to take the stomach-turning selfie with two of his friends.

Guy Takes Selfies With Random Strangers

Seattle-based YouTuber Jason Rodjanapanyakul took over 50 selfies with random strangers while walking around the Bellevue Square Mall in Bellevue, WA. Checkout the video below.