Amazing Up-close Photo Of A Great White Shark

Amanda Brewer, 25, an art teacher from New Jersey, took an amazing photo of a great white with its razor-sharp teeth with her GoPro camera in Mossel Bay off Seal Island. Amanda posted the photo on her Instagram account The shark enthusiast traveled to South Africa this summer to volunteer as a data collector for the animal conservation organization White Shark Africa.

Huge Shark Tank Breaks Inside Chinese Mall

A 33 ton shark tank with a 15 centimeters (5.9-inch) thick acrylic glass broke inside Shanghai Orient Shopping Center in China. According to Gizmodo, 15 people were injured in this tragic accident on Wednesday, December 19th. Most of the people watching the tank were injured with deep cuts and bruises. Watch the video footage below as caught by the mall’s CCTV cameras.

New Volkswagen Beetle Shark Cage

As a sponsor of the 25th anniversary of shark week on the Discovery Channel, Volkswagen built an underwater shark cage in the shape of the new 2012 Beetle. To celebrate this historic milestone, Volkswagen teamed with noted marine biologist and shark expert Luke Tipple, along with a team of engineers to design and construct a mobile Beetle… Continue reading New Volkswagen Beetle Shark Cage