David Blaine Gets Shot While Preparing for Bullet Catch

Illusionist David Blaine prepares for his new death defying stunt by getting shot in the stomach at point blank by various handguns. The stunt is part of his new David Blaine: Beyond Magic television special on ABC. Watch the video below.

David Blaine Amazing Ice Pick Trick

Magician David Blaine freaked out Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, Kanye West, Woody Harrelson, and Will Smith‘s family with an amazing ice pick trick. The below video clip sees Blaine performing one of the staples of his act by slowly pushing an ice pick through the top of his hand while the queasy-looking stars held his… Continue reading David Blaine Amazing Ice Pick Trick

Ghost Ship: 3D Projection With Water in Amsterdam

A romanian architecture collective studio visualSKIN created a 3D projection of a 17-century ship beamed onto intersecting perpendicular screens of water. The ghost ship has been spotted flouting on one of the city’s famous canals, located off the island of Oosterdok in front of the Amsterdam Center for Architecture and the National Maritime Museum. The spooky… Continue reading Ghost Ship: 3D Projection With Water in Amsterdam

Balancing Objects By Rocky Byun

Balance artist Rocky Byun is an expert on making things stand still on any point without it falling over. In the video below, watch the South Korean artist balances chairs, stones, laptops, motorcycles and even a washing machine on a small pile of rocks.

The 3rd Comedy Show

The 3rd Comedy Show will be held at Safir International Hotel, Bneid AlGar on May 23rd 2013. The event will host a group of popular local and regional comedians, who will perform a two hours of ultimate excitement, laughter, and joy. There will be 6 comedians, three from Kuwait (Ahmed AlMousawi, Sheikha AlKaldi, Faisal AlBasri) and three from KSA… Continue reading The 3rd Comedy Show

That Comedy Show VOL.3

That Comedy Show will be held at Gulf University for Science and Technology, Mishref on March 14th 2013. The event will host a group of popular comedians Ahmed AlShemmeri, Bashar AlJazzaf, and Mohammed Aqua, hosted by Firas Alola. For Booking: Call: (+965) 22461445 – (+965) 94913803

Kit Kat Comedy Break Show

Kit Kat Arabia is looking for the funniest Arab comedians. Those who are irresistible, can put a smile on people’s faces, and give a break to the entire region. Do you have the talent to make it happen? Record a  3 minute video of your best stand-up routine and register for your chance to become… Continue reading Kit Kat Comedy Break Show

Kingston 1TB Flash Drive

Kingston Technology has announced the world’s largest capacity USB 3.0 flash drive at the CES 2013 in Las Vegas. The DataTraveler HyperX Predator comes with an impressive 1 terabyte capacity. Kingston said the new HyperX Predator offers transfer speeds of up to 240MB per second when reading data and up to 160MB per second when writing. Kingston has not yet announced pricing… Continue reading Kingston 1TB Flash Drive