Incredible Time-Lapse Showcases the Beauty of Singapore

Filmmaker Keith Loutit created a stunning time-lapse video with beautiful shots of the city of Singapore. The video ā€œThe Lion City IIā€ was shot over the course of three years using ā€œall real photos with compositing and blending of time and geography, but no CGI elements.

Futuristic Driverless Pods in Singapore

A Dutch company 2getthere and Singaporean transportation operator SMRT announced they will be building 24-passenger electric driverless pods that are slated to run commercially by the end of the year. The third generation driverless pods uses technology known as Personal Rapid Transit. The cars are expected to be able to carry 20 passengers each and… Continue reading Futuristic Driverless Pods in Singapore

Drone Waiters in Singapore

Singapore-based Infinium Robotics created a drone waiters that are able to serve food and drinks to customer’s tables in fully autonomous mode, delivering food in a fast, safe and classy manner. The routes to each table are preprogrammed and as the chef enters the table number into the software interface. The drones will fly back… Continue reading Drone Waiters in Singapore

Incredible Time-Lapse Video Of Singapore Changi Airport

Filmmaker Milton Tan created an amazing time-lapse video of airplane takeoffs and landings at the runway of Changi International Airport in Singapore. The video took over six-month of work with a special access to a restricted runway. Check out behind the scenes photos and more on Tan’s blog. via:Ā LaughingĀ Squid

Batman Bin Suparman Jailed for Theft

A 23-year-old Singaporean guyĀ with a superhero nameĀ was jailed for 33 months for his criminal actions, which included stealing his brotherā€™s bank card and using heroin. Batman bin SuparmanĀ was caught on CCTV breaking into a billiardĀ hall at the Depot Heights Shopping Center in Singapore on two separate occasions and stealing S$500 (Ā£250) in total. via:Ā Metro

New Year’s Celebrations Around the World

City skylines exploded in red, pink, green and blue around the nation as the clock struck midnight.Ā Major cities, including Sydney, London, Dubai andĀ MoscowĀ have marked the start of 2013 with large fireworks displays. Among the most spectacular celebrations were ones in Sydney, whichĀ centeredĀ on theĀ harborĀ bridge, and Dubai, where the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, formed the… Continue reading New Year’s Celebrations Around the World

Hamilton Scotts: $7.5 Million Sky Garage Apartments

The Hamilton Scotts is a new luxury high-rise residential apartment building in Singapore that will allow residents to park their supercars right next to their own living room. The condominium consists of 56 apartments, including 52 three-bedroom of 2,700 sq ft and two 3,200 sq ft junior penthouse. Each apartment has a parking space for… Continue reading Hamilton Scotts: $7.5 Million Sky Garage Apartments

Beautiful Kinetic Rain at Singaporeā€™s Changi Airport

A beautiful kinetic rain sculptureĀ insideĀ Singapore Changi Airport,Ā features 1,216 bronze raindrops spanning 75 square meters, making it one of the largest kinetic sculptures in the world.Ā ItsĀ designedĀ byĀ Joachim Sauterā€˜s Berlin-basedĀ art studioĀ ART+COM. These droplets are suspended from the ceiling on thin steel wire and controlled by small motors which move them around so they look like theyā€™re floating in… Continue reading Beautiful Kinetic Rain at Singaporeā€™s Changi Airport