Man Takes Aladdin’s Magic Carpet for a Ride in New York City

Jesse Wellens of the PrankvsPrank YouTube channel, dressed as Aladdin, took an electric magic carpet for a ride through the streets of New York City. Filmmaker Casey Neistat collaborated with Wellens to filmed the fun prank, and also helped cover the electric powered skateboard with some red cloth to make the magic carpet come to… Continue reading Man Takes Aladdin’s Magic Carpet for a Ride in New York City

Crazy Downhill Skateboarding

This longboarder was doing quite well until the last sentence. He goes downhill extremely fast, traveling with a speed of 100 kph (60 mph), and when he gets to the bottom, he nearly gets hit by a bus! Watch the video below.

Skateboarding Time Collapse Shot With Nokia Lumia 930

A time collapse video created with documentary footage of professional pool skater Cory Juneau shot with a Nokia Lumia 930 Smartphone. This video combines more than 60 takes of Cory skating, collapsed together in post-production to produce seven stunning scenes.

World’s First Skateboarding Cop

Officer Joel Zwicky, 40, “skateboard cop” combines his hobby with work to patrols neighborhoods and city streets on his customised board. And in a first of its kind anywhere in the world, Officer Zwicky now hopes to introduce a full unit consisting just skateboard cops. Watch the video below.