Stuntman Skating Behind A Dodge Challenger SRT8

Youtube user Gumbal filmed German stuntman Dirk Auer doing 200km/h by grabbing onto a 593HP Dodge Challenger SRT8 while riding on roller blader skates. Watch the video below shot at a German airfield last weekend.

Onewheel: A Single-Wheeled Electric Skateboard

The Onewheel is a single-wheeled skateboard that uses an electric motor which gives the rider a feeling of gliding through the air. There are no hand controls, just lean forward to accelerate, lean backward to slow down and stop. The Onewheel can go from 4-6 miles on a single charge thanks to the 48V Lithium Nano-phosphate battery. It can be charged in two… Continue reading Onewheel: A Single-Wheeled Electric Skateboard