Flying Living Room

On their latest TV commercial, NVIDIA dropped professional skydiver Jeff Provenzano out of an airplane while sitting on a couch surrounded with all the accouterments of a regular living room. Watch the video below.

Skydiver Set Fire to Her Own Parachute

Professional Skydiver Brianne Thompson has sets her first parachute on fire mid-flight with a flare gun, after jumping out of a plane flying over Eloy, Arizona. The reason for attempting this very dangerous stunt was to teach an important safety lesson about the necessity of backup parachutes. Watch the video below.

Skydivers Set Parachute on Fire

A pair of skydivers wanted to add some excitement to their skydiving adventure by lighting their parachutes on fire. Alex Aimard and Jönsson Petter attempted a very dangerous stunt at Eloy, Arizona by launching themselves out of a airplane with gasoline-soaked parachutes, which they fired upon with flare guns, immediately igniting them. Watch the video below.

Athlete Performs Incredible Stunts On A Moving Truck

Parkour athlete Abdullah Omar Al-Ali triumphantly stands on a moving car which is sidewalk skiing on January, 2015 in Dubai, UAE. The fearless daredevil performs a hand stand on a car as it balances on two wheels. Abdullah , 21, has been practicing parkour for only one year and has received no formal training. The… Continue reading Athlete Performs Incredible Stunts On A Moving Truck