Anti-Gravity Smartphone Cases

Mega Tiny is a smartphone case that sticks to smooth, flat surfaces without being sticky. The unique design case uses the power of nano-suction to allow your phone to do more than ever before. Mega Tiny anti-gravity cases will stick to glass, tile, stainless steel, mirrors, countertops, white boards, computer screens, windows, and even some walls. Available for… Continue reading Anti-Gravity Smartphone Cases

Relonch Letter of Appreciation

Relonch team prepared a letter of gratitude to all their customers from 28 countries in a 15-second video. They also included a special Relonch Camera Club cards to all people who made a pre-order. The Relonch Camera Club gives a privilege of early access to the camera testing, participants in photo-educational events and access to Guru Online Advice priority line.

Relonch: A High Quality Pocket Camera For Your iPhone

The Relonch is a camera module for the iPhone 5 and 6 that comes with an improved APS-C sensor and a fast prime lens. The camera snaps onto an iPhone let users take high-end magazine quality photos. It also comes with an external battery pack for your phone, to help your phone stay charged if needed.… Continue reading Relonch: A High Quality Pocket Camera For Your iPhone

Cat B15 Smartphone Put to the Test

Construction equipment manufacturer Caterpillar put their B15 smartphone to the test by dropping it 35 feet from a Cat MH3049 into a pool of water. Then, a Cat 277D Multi Terrain Loader runs over 600 phones placed on the ground at Caterpillar testing facility in Edwards, Illinois. Watch the B15 Smartphone in action in the video below. The Caterpillar B15 smartphone is powered by Android 4.1… Continue reading Cat B15 Smartphone Put to the Test

Galaxy S5 Swarovski Edition

A Swarovski crystal edition Galaxy S5 will be released in South Korea sometime next month. Samsung Mobile Korea has posted a 12-second video on YouTube that teases the upcoming Galaxy S5 Crystal Edition smartphone. The video shows a Galaxy S5 rear case completely covered in Swarovski crystals. The handset will be available in South Korea in… Continue reading Galaxy S5 Swarovski Edition