Snake Bites Itself After Being Decapitated

An amazing video shows a copperhead snake bite itself after being decapitated. Sam Billiter from Huntsville, Alabama posted the unusual video to his Facebook page inviting people to watch the snakes disconcerting reaction to its own squirming headless body.

Karaoke Singer Gets Dunked in a Tank Full of Snakes

Just the thought of watching this video gives me the creeps. Killer Karaoke TV show features contestants challenged to perform their favorite songs in extreme and outrageous circumstances, like dunked in a tank of ice water full of snakes. Steve-O hosts this hilarious adventure of karaoke gone wild. Watch one of the contestants in the video… Continue reading Karaoke Singer Gets Dunked in a Tank Full of Snakes

Snake Cake Looks So Real

This cake looks so real that the thought of eating it gives me the creeps! Francesca Pitcher from North Star Cakes in the UK created an amazingly realistic cake for her daughter’s birthday that looks exactly like a Burmese Python. via: Huffington Post