People’s Reaction To Being Called Beautiful

Shea Glover from Chicago, Illinois conducted a social experiment at her High school. The 18-year-old student asked students and teachers to pose in front of her camera and then tells them “I’m taking pictures of things I find beautiful.”, while she records the video. Watch the students reaction in the video below.

Social Experiment: Drunk Girl In Public

A YouTube video created by social media entrepreneur Stephen Zhang, who follows a young woman who is pretending to be seriously intoxicated, as she tries to find her way home from Hollywood Boulevard. Throughout the video, the young woman, who introduces herself as Jennifer, appears to be sipping from a beer can as she staggers from… Continue reading Social Experiment: Drunk Girl In Public

British Airways: The Happiness Blanket

British Airways conducted an experiment on passengers at 30,000 feet using neuro-sensitive device that reads the electrical activity in their brain. The airline company was able to identify whether the customer was comfortable and content or feeling slightly more unnerved. The information was then relayed via bluetooth to the fibre optics woven into the blanket’s… Continue reading British Airways: The Happiness Blanket