BoneBreaking: Flexible Arm Contortion Dance

StatusSilver posted a video that features triple jointed Turf Bieber and Kidd Strobe craziest arm contortionist. This insane duo showcase their amazing talent for 2015.

A Cappella Version Of “Could You Be Loved”

In honor of Bob Marley’s 70th birthday, a group of musicians from Reggaeville has performed a wonderful a cappella version of the classic song Could You Be Loved song. Check out the video below.

Incredible Street Dancing Performance By Fik-Shun

Dancer Du-Shaunt Stegall, aka Fik Shun, gave an incredible and effortless dancing performance at the 2014 World of Dance event in Los Angeles. His performance brought an audience to their feet. Watch Fik-Shun in action in the video below. via: Laughing Squid

Army of One: “See Line Woman” Music Video

Kuwait Hip & R&B group “Army Of One” are known for their style of music, which refers to a blend of Rap/Hiphop and R&B rhythms. The art of their music is so inherent that it is superfluous to have a particular name for it. Their music is always coupled with some other art such as poetry and is… Continue reading Army of One: “See Line Woman” Music Video

SoundHound: Best Music Recognition App

SoundHound the most accurate and easiest music identification app. Just tap the orange button and sing, hum or hold your smartphone up to a speaker and you’ll instantly get details of the track. SoundHound will access the song previews lyrics, album art, biographies, tour dates, and videos. The app also has the ability to search for songs just… Continue reading SoundHound: Best Music Recognition App