Crocodile Bites Elephant Trunk

Ashley Lewis, 31, from Michigan, USA captured an incredible moment of a giant crocodile clamping its jaws around a trunk of a bull elephant at the Sabi Sands Game Reserve in South Africa. The four-meter reptile refused to let go and was even dragged out of the water into the air by the elephant who eventually managed to free… Continue reading Crocodile Bites Elephant Trunk

Elephant Picking Up The Trash

An elephant was recently featured on a surveillance video picking up some trash and throwing it in into a nearby garbage can in South Africa. For all we know, it could be a staged scene with an elephant trained to pick up trash. In which case, it would still be far better than lots of humans who have a problem… Continue reading Elephant Picking Up The Trash

Gang of Monkeys Terrorizing Residents in South Africa

A Group of Baboons have been terrorizing residents in Cape Town, South Africa. They trawl through waste bins, loiter at trash dumps, steal from shops and markets and prowl around the picnic sites. Some are such practiced scavengers that they know exactly when the trash carts will be arriving with fresh supplies at the dump. The… Continue reading Gang of Monkeys Terrorizing Residents in South Africa