CataCombo: Sound System for Coffins

You’ve got to be kidding me! Check this out, a Swedish based company called Pause designed a digital sound system specially for coffins that plays music for dead people, can you believe that? When I first saw the TV ad I thought it was one of those prank videos on YouTube, but believe it or not, Its real! The coffin is equipped with… Continue reading CataCombo: Sound System for Coffins

Helix Wireless Speakers By Quirky

The Helix Bluetooth Speakers by Quirky comes with a flexible inner core, that let the user wrap them like a bracelet. The speakers has a water resistant exterior keeps its inner electronics safe, as long as it’s not submerged. The central part is pliable enough to be bent over any pipe, tube or even at your wrists etc. The… Continue reading Helix Wireless Speakers By Quirky

Full Size Formula 1 Racing Car Simulator

The FMCG International Full Scale Formula 1 Simulator will give you the chance to experience the feeling of siting behind the wheels of a real Formula 1 race car. The design team at FMCG International have been creating Formula 1 experiences from both full and half size simulators for years, and now they are bringing the experience to your home in… Continue reading Full Size Formula 1 Racing Car Simulator

iBamboo iPhone Speaker

A very clever and simple idea! The iBamboo is a two way speaker system for the iPhone 4/4S. The unit is designed to amplify your iPhone’s speaker with the help of two separated openings on either end of the bamboo, simulating that of a stereo effect without the use of electricity. The iBamboo is avalable… Continue reading iBamboo iPhone Speaker