Tropical Islands: The World’s Largest Indoor Waterpark

Entertainer and YouTube user Tom Scott takes us on a quick journey through the biggest uninterrupted indoor space on the planet, Tropical Islands Resort. The tropical theme park site was created on former Brand-Briesen Airfield in Brandenburg, Germany. Watch the video below.

Longest Distance Travelled on a Slip and Slide

Texas residents slip and slide past the competition to claim a new Guinness World Records title. The longest distance traveled on a slip and slide in one hour is 774,515.09 m (2,541,060 ft) achieved by Trinity River Vision Authority (USA) on Panther Island, Fort Worth, TX, USA on 6 June 2015. Watch the video below.

Nike LED Basketball Court in China

Nike teamed up with AKQA to designed an incredible full-sized LED basketball court in Shanghai, China. The London-based company AKQA, specializes in digital products and services, it created the basketball court for the Nike RISE basketball tour in China. The idea was developed to help provide training drills for young players. Watch the video below.

Giant Water Slide Down A San Francisco Street

A giant water slide has been installed at one of San Francisco iconic hills. YouTube sensation Devin Super Tramp took their cameras to the streets of San Francisco recently and got wet and wild with a few dozen thrill seekers surfing down the steepest streets. The event is sponsored by Bear Naked Granola. Watch the video… Continue reading Giant Water Slide Down A San Francisco Street

Red Bull Athletes Raised The Kuwaiti Flag in Georgia

Three Kuwaiti Red Bull Athletes joined thousands of runners on May 4th in Kakhti, Georgia by participating in a once in a lifetime race. The Wings For Life World Run supported a great cause for charity and took place simultaneously in 32 different countries around the world. Mohamed Al Attar managed to run 15.3KMs while… Continue reading Red Bull Athletes Raised The Kuwaiti Flag in Georgia

A 90 Meter Giant Water Slide in Bristol

A giant water slide has been installed in the centre of Bristol, with people waiting in lines to take turns to hurtle down it on inflatable lilos. Residents were sliding down the road on a 90 meter water slide which is made from plastic sheets, hay bales, water and washing-up liquid. The water slide is… Continue reading A 90 Meter Giant Water Slide in Bristol

Red Bull Kuwait Team in Georgia

Red Bull Kuwait team athletes in the center of Tbilisi, Georgia, Freedom Square in front of the Freedom Monument of St. George. Today, the three athletes Mohamed Jaffar, Mohamed Al Attar and Mansour Al Safran will join tens of thousands of runners around the world in a simultaneous global race for charity in Georgia. Watch the live steam Click Here.