Starbucks Coffee: A Creative Paper Cut-Out Animation Story

Netherlands based designer Rogier Wieland has developed an animation video for Starbucks to illustrate the reversed story of how their coffee goes from bean to your cup. The short clip was created by transferring video stills to paper cutouts that were then animated to make an amazing stop-motion movie. via: Laughing Squid

Inside The World’s Largest Starbucks

Starbucks has recently opened up a flagship store located in Seattle’s Capitol Hill. This location has two coffee bars, an in-house kitchen, a shop, a two-story library complete with 200 books, including a roasting plant where the company produces its small batch Reserve beans. The building itself was constructed in 1910 as a automobile dealership, until Starbucks took over in 2013. This giant… Continue reading Inside The World’s Largest Starbucks