Picture of the Day: Atomic Bomb Supercell Storm Clouds

Photographer Darin Kuntz snapped an incredible photo of a huge supercell storm clouds near Lubbock, Texas that looks like an atomic bomb explosion. The image was taken on April 11th.

NASA Satellite Tracks Saharan Dust To Amazon In 3-D

NASA’s CALIPSO satellite tracks how much dust makes the trans-Atlantic journey from the Sahara Desert to the Amazon rainforest. Among this dust is phosphorus, an essential nutrient that acts like a fertilizer, which the Amazon depends on in order to flourish. The new dust transport estimates were derived from data collected by NASA’s satellite from 2007… Continue reading NASA Satellite Tracks Saharan Dust To Amazon In 3-D

A Time-Lapse Video of Snowfall In Boston

Boston University, a Ph.D. student Alyssa Pierson captured an amazing time-lapse video of Winter Storm Juno dumping between 23 and 24 inches of snow in Somerville northwest of Boston, Massachusetts on the night of January 26, 2015. Pierson shot the video on her GoPro Hero 4 camera, with still images being taken every 30 seconds,… Continue reading A Time-Lapse Video of Snowfall In Boston

A Beautiful Time-Lapse Captures The Clouds Above Tokyo

YouTube user darwinfish105 created a beautiful time-lapse video of clouds forming over the City of Tokyo, japan. The time-lapse was shot over spring and summer from various areas around the city.

Time-Lapse Video of Arcus Cloud Over Kansas City

Filmmaker Stephen Locke captured a stunning time-lapse video of a dark arcus cloud forming over Kansas City. The cloud was the leading edge of the thunderstorm that rolled across the city that night.

Deadly Hailstorm Terrorizes Beachgoers in Russia

A video shows sunbathers and swimmers in the eastern city of Novosibirsk desperately seeking shelter from large hail the size of golf balls falling from the sky. The hail storm can be seen pummeling the Ob River in western Siberia, Russia, on a day which saw temperatures rising to 37C.