Timeless Dreams

Photographer Julian Tryba and Michael Sutton have been working on a new time-lapse technique called ‚Äúlayer-lapse.‚ÄĚ By showing different regions of a scene at different points in time, a layer lapse takes us through a trippy, psychedelic visual ride. In the video below, both photographer have traveled through Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California to capture… Continue reading Timeless Dreams

Time-Lapse Dublin By Ammar Al-Saleh

Ammar Al-Saleh created an amazing time-lapse of the beautiful city of Dublin. The incredible four and a half minutes video of the Irish capital was shot over a period of 4 months. The result is an extraordinary journey through the city most fascinating historical sites.

Biggest Ever Crowd-Sourced Time-Lapse Filmed In London

Professional time-lapse photographer Chad Gordon Higgins and award-winning urban photographer Nicholas Goodden joined forces with forty photographers in London to create the biggest ever crowd-sourced time-lapse in just one day. The diversity, atmosphere, pace and buzz of the city makes London the perfect place¬†for any timelapse, and its unique flavour is captured over 80 clips… Continue reading Biggest Ever Crowd-Sourced Time-Lapse Filmed In London

Beautiful Time-Lapse Compares Paris And New York City

Filmmaker Franck Matellini has created a clever time-lapse video that shows the beautiful similarities between Paris and New York City. The video shows the two popular cities in a split screen, side-by-side comparison between cultures, architecture, transportation and more.

7685 Frames of Netherlands

The¬†tilt-shift photography its more fun to watch because it¬†makes a normal real-life scene look like it’s actually built out of miniatures. Like in this beautiful tilt-shift time-lapse of the old cities of the Netherlands, created by¬†filmmaker Pengcheng He. The video¬†“7685 Frames of Netherlands” is shot in Delft, Rotterdam and Amsterdam

Stunning Time-Lapse Video of Boston

An incredible new layered time-lapse video of Boston created by photographer Julian Tryba which was shot as a single scene at different times and different speeds. Boston Layer-Lapse is a project that took 100 hours to shoot with 150,000 photos (6 terabytes each) and was created for Kessler University which hosts the video content.

Watchtower Of Turkey By Leonardo Dalessandri

Filmmaker Leonardo Dalessandri recently uploaded a video¬†“Watchtower Of Turkey” that was shot over a period of 20 days to create an amazing 3 minute and 33 seconds film. Dalessandri traveled 3,500-kilometer across Turkey capturing landscapes from the bluish tones of Pamukkale to the warm ones of Cappadocia. via: PetaPixel

A Beautiful Time-Lapse Captures The Clouds Above Tokyo

YouTube user darwinfish105 created a beautiful time-lapse video of clouds forming over the City of Tokyo, japan. The time-lapse was shot over spring and summer from various areas around the city.