Human Flying Drone

YouTube star Casey Neistat took a snowboard and went flying over the Scandinavian ski area pulled by a custom-built giant drone. The drone itself is an absolutely massive 16-rotor machine, powerful enough to lift a human, given the weight it needs to be able to carry. Watch the video below.

Daredevil Climbs Dubai Marina 101 Skyscraper

British daredevil James Kingston posted a video of himself climbing the Marina 101 in Dubai, the tallest residential building in the world. The Marina 101 is a 101-floor, 425-meter skyscraper currently under construction in the Dubai Marina. The crane he scaled rises to 450 meters. Watch the video below.

Damaged BMW M3’s in Mission Impossible 5

In order to make an action movie as real as possible, some hot cars will be crashed along the way. In Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg in Casablanca car chase scene, in a BMW M3 F80, was actually a real stunt. The below photos are BMW vehicles from the movie MI Rogue… Continue reading Damaged BMW M3’s in Mission Impossible 5

Aerobatic Helicopter Chases Drifting Race Car

Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner teamed up with Polish drifting ace Jakub Przygoński to perform an epic acrobatic helicopter and drift racing stunt. Baumgartner, flying a Bolkov BO105 aerobatic helicopter, tracking the movements of Przygoński in a Toyota GT 86 1000HP, getting very close to the car as he performs a series of manoeuvres. Watch the video below.

Tom Cruise Most Dangerous Stunts

Tom Cruise always likes to do his own stunts and willing to take the risk factor way too far. The 52-year-old Hollywood actor performs the most daring stunt ever for his latest movie Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation (in theaters July 31) by hanging from the side of a Military Transporter at 5,000ft above British countryside.… Continue reading Tom Cruise Most Dangerous Stunts

Adorable Girl Enjoying First Aerobatic Ride

Four-year-old Léa recently went for her first aerobatic airplane ride with her father over Lachute in southwest Quebec. As her father spins a series of aerobatic maneuvers, you hear adorable Lea laughing and giggling in the back seat of the plane, asking her pilot father for more. Watch the video below.

New Jaguar XF Launched With High-wire Stunt Above London

Stuntman Jim Dowdall got behind the wheel of the all-new Jaguar XF by performing a world record for the longest high-wire water crossing by car. The Hollywood stunt driver drove the XF 240 metres across two 28 mm carbon wires, which were suspended 18 metres above the Thames River in London. The drive across the river took… Continue reading New Jaguar XF Launched With High-wire Stunt Above London

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Trailer

Tom Cruise is back as IMF agent Ethan Hunt for a fifth film in the “Mission: Impossible” series titled Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation. In the first full-length trailer from Paramount Pictures, Hunt is being tracked down by the Syndicate, a “highly trained organization of rogue assassins that kill on order.” He teams up with his trusted… Continue reading Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Trailer