Skilled Prop-Maker Creates Fascinating Costumes

Wired has posted a videoĀ about the amazing work of costume and prop-maker Shawn Thorsson. TheĀ talented craftsman shows us how he creates impressive life-size costume suit replicaĀ basedĀ on iconic movies, video games, and comic book characters.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Suit By XBody

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) by XBody is a revolutionary fitness regime involves wearing a black, padded suit. It involves wearing a suit that passes an electrical current through your muscles as you exercise, giving them a workout 150 times stronger than you could normally dream of. As all muscles work simultaneously, youā€™ll spend only just… Continue reading Electrical Muscle Stimulation Suit By XBody

New Iron Man 3 Armor At Comic-Con

Marvel puts Tony Stark’s new suit on display at the Comic-Con. The Iron Man 3 movie is in production now in North Carolina, but the guys at Marvel wanted to surprise the crowd at theĀ Comic ConĀ to show offĀ the latest Iron Man armor suit. via: Cinema blend

The Best Iron Man Costumes Ever

He started off with a helmet andĀ end upĀ make the whole suit.Ā Mark Pearson from Bradford, West Yorkshire UKĀ built an amazing life-size replica of theĀ Iron Man outfit using fibre glass andĀ 400 sheets of cardboard that were carved into silicone mold,Ā it took him 14 months building theĀ modelĀ suit. As you can see from the above picture,Ā mark is a 5ft… Continue reading The Best Iron Man Costumes Ever