Skilled Prop-Maker Creates Fascinating Costumes

Wired has posted a video about the amazing work of costume and prop-maker Shawn Thorsson. The talented craftsman shows us how he creates impressive life-size costume suit replica based on iconic movies, video games, and comic book characters.

The Human Torch Drone

To promote the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot movie,¬†20th Century Fox teamed up with¬†Thinkmodo advertising agency¬†and¬†built a flying drone that resembles the Human Torch. The¬†team of fire fighters lit up the¬†lightweight human-shaped drone and sent it skyward into¬†New York skies to simulate the super powers of Marvel’s Human Torch. The stunt took place¬†at the Nassau County… Continue reading The Human Torch Drone

Superheroes Taking Time Out

These amazing photos show the imagination of photographer Benoit Lapray who has shown portraits of famous superheroes such as Superman,¬†Spider-man, Iron Man and Wonder Woman¬†taking time out from saving the world to enjoy the scenery of France and Devon. In some of his photos, Lapray, 33, uses models dressed up as superheroes and spends hours… Continue reading Superheroes Taking Time Out

Awesome 3D Marvel Superhero Nightlights

A series of battery operated Marvel superhero Nightlights¬†“3D Wall Art” created by¬†3D Light FX. You can choose your favorite superhero to have it mounted on your wall. All of the 3D Nightlights¬†come with a 3D crack sticker, giving you the illusion that the light is breaking through your wall. Either way, it¬†looks awesome turned on… Continue reading Awesome 3D Marvel Superhero Nightlights

RoboCop Giant Statue in Detroit

A couple of years back an idea was suggested to Detroit Mayor Dave Bing that a statue of the¬†American Sci-Fi¬†movie¬†character¬†RoboCop¬†movie would make a great ambassador for the city of Detroit. Someone took the project and raised over $60,000 to actually build a 10-foot-tall statue of one of the city’s most famous icons. The statue is… Continue reading RoboCop Giant Statue in Detroit

Remote Control Flying Superman

A live-sized custom made remote controlled Superman! The DC Comics superhero replica was spotted flying above the coast of South California. This custom made device is not the first of its kind, as there were similar versions like the flying Iron Man were made in the past. Watch the video below.

New Iron Man 3 Armor At Comic-Con

Marvel puts Tony Stark’s new suit on display at the Comic-Con. The Iron Man 3 movie is in production now in North Carolina, but the guys at Marvel wanted to surprise the crowd at the¬†Comic Con¬†to show off¬†the latest Iron Man armor suit. via: Cinema blend