Man of Steel Restored in Color

VideoLab posted a video that showcases what DC Comics superhero film Man of Steel would have looked like with the natural color and brightness. Watch the two clips of the original movie with the digitally altered version in the video below.

Superheroes Taking Time Out

These amazing photos show the imagination of photographer Benoit Lapray who has shown portraits of famous superheroes such as Superman, Spider-man, Iron Man and Wonder Woman taking time out from saving the world to enjoy the scenery of France and Devon. In some of his photos, Lapray, 33, uses models dressed up as superheroes and spends hours… Continue reading Superheroes Taking Time Out

Amazing Realistic Sculptures of Actors and Movie Monsters

British artist Mike Hill is known for creating an amazing collection of hyper realistic silicone sculpture based on famous Hollywood actors and movie monsters. YouTube channel Tested paid a visit to the professional artist workshop in Los Angeles to give us a glimpse of some of his great work. Watch the interview in the video below.

Realistic Sculptures of Actors and Movie Characters

Professional sculptor Bobby Causey has created a amazing collection of hyperrealistic latex sculptures based on famous Hollywood actors and movie characters. The details in this sculpture are so real and creepy it will make you think it’s going to come to life. via: Laughing Squid

Batman Bin Suparman Jailed for Theft

A 23-year-old Singaporean guy with a superhero name was jailed for 33 months for his criminal actions, which included stealing his brother’s bank card and using heroin. Batman bin Suparman was caught on CCTV breaking into a billiard hall at the Depot Heights Shopping Center in Singapore on two separate occasions and stealing S$500 (£250) in total. via: Metro