Nucleus: The Smart Home Intercom

Nucleus is a smart home wireless intercom system that connect families both at home and across the world. The device allows you to call one room in particular, or call every room at once. No more texting and yelling. With optional auto-answer and wide angle camera, you’ll be able to see your loved ones wherever… Continue reading Nucleus: The Smart Home Intercom

Livestream of a Roundabout in The Netherlands

Dutch CRM software company Archie posted a live stream of a vehicles and bikes traveling through a roundabout in Purmerend, The Netherlands. Watch the live stream below. via: Laughing Squid

Woman Steals TV By Stuffing It Up Her Skirt

A female shoplifter grabbed a flat screen TV which was still in its packaging, then wedged it between her legs and walked away. The CCTV video shows the woman and her accomplice strolling into the shop in the town of Guapiles in Central Costa Rica. The woman then adopts a wide stance, wedged the TV… Continue reading Woman Steals TV By Stuffing It Up Her Skirt

Elephant Picking Up The Trash

An elephant was recently featured on a surveillance video picking up some trash and throwing it in into a nearby garbage can in South Africa. For all we know, it could be a staged scene with an elephant trained to pick up trash. In which case, it would still be far better than lots of humans who have a problem… Continue reading Elephant Picking Up The Trash

Brave Cat Saved Little Boy From Being Attacked By Dog

A video posted on Youtube showed a brave little cat saving a little boy from being attacked by the neighbor’s dog. The boy Jeremy, 4, was attacked by a dog while playing on his bicycle and the incident could have been much worse if not for the family’s cat that intervened and saved his owner.… Continue reading Brave Cat Saved Little Boy From Being Attacked By Dog

Crazy Traffic In Addis Ababa At Meskel Square

A time-lapse video of the busiest intersection at Meskel Square, the center of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This crazy intersection has no traffic light, no painted lanes, no stop signs, and no rules. Imagine trying to get through this intersection if you weren’t familiar with the roads there?

The Worst Parking Lot Exit Ever

Remember the women who attempted the worst parallel Parking? Another woman has recently set a new record for worst exit of a parking lot ever. The incident was captured on a CCTV camera, believed to be in Poland, that shows a women driver trying to exit from a cramped car park. However, what should have been a quick and easy less… Continue reading The Worst Parking Lot Exit Ever

Huge Shark Tank Breaks Inside Chinese Mall

A 33 ton shark tank with a 15 centimeters (5.9-inch) thick acrylic glass broke inside Shanghai Orient Shopping Center in China. According to Gizmodo, 15 people were injured in this tragic accident on Wednesday, December 19th. Most of the people watching the tank were injured with deep cuts and bruises. Watch the video footage below as caught by the mall’s CCTV cameras.