Simpkins: Traditional Tinned Sweets

Simpkins is a company of confectionery makers based in Sheffield, England. It was founded in 1921 after the First World War by Albert Leslie. The company produces 2 million glucose sweets a day using natural flavors and colors in 35,000 tins. The staff work shifts and the site is operational from 4 am to 4 pm. Today,… Continue reading Simpkins: Traditional Tinned Sweets

Making The Strudel from Inglourious Basterds

If you saw the Inglourious Basterds movie, you probably remember the scene where actress Melanie Laurent, as Shosanna who was invited by actor Christoph Waltz as Col. Hans Landa to have the apple Strudel dessert with him. Andrew Rea is going to show use how to make the delicious Austrian dessert covered in whipped cream from the movie… Continue reading Making The Strudel from Inglourious Basterds

Video: Handmade Candy Canes

A start-to-finish demonstration of a victorian techniques hand making candy cane, done at Lofty Pursuits in Tallahassee, Florida. In the video below, watch as candy makers pour, pull, turn, roll and twist these special Candy Canes into a works of art which are both beautiful and mesmerizing. via: Gizmodo