Must-See: Creative and Humorous Illustrations

Rodney Pike is a very talented and artistic graphic designer who has a great future ahead of him. Check out his wonderful collection of caricature illustration and photo manipulation.

Schwarzenegger and Stallone in Hospital

These guys are getting old! “After all the action, stunts and physical abuse shooting ‘The Expendables 2’ and ‘The Last Stand’, it was time for a little tune up on my shoulder,” Arnold writes on WhoSay. “Look who was coincidentally waiting in line behind me for his shoulder surgery.”

Expendables 2: Stuntman Killed During Explosion Scene

An Expendables 2 stuntman has died following an explosion while filming on the Bulgarian set. Two other stunt people were injured when the film’s second unit stunt team filmed a scene for the sequel in a boat on the reservoir Ognyanovo, near the capital city of Sofia. None of the film’s stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester… Continue reading Expendables 2: Stuntman Killed During Explosion Scene