Eye Of The Tiger in the Voices Of 20 Singers

Musician Anthony Vincent has recently uploaded a video on his YouTube channel Ten Second Songs where he performed Eye of a Tiger by Survivor in the style of twenty famous singers.

One Man Impersonates The Voices Of 20 Singers

This guy can imitate famous singers and you probably won’t be able to tell the difference. Voiceover artist Damien Slash has an insane ability to impersonate popular male singers. Watch the video below to see him impersonate the voices of 20 different singers. He does everyone from David Bowie to Busta Rhymes and everyone in… Continue reading One Man Impersonates The Voices Of 20 Singers

Still Got a Lot to Go By Sons of Yusuf

Kuwaiti hip-hop artists Abdul Rahman Al-Refaie and his brother Ya’koob Al-Refaie known as “Sons of Yusuf” performed a song called “Still Got a Lot to Go” that has a wonderful message about hard work and positivity. The music video was posted by Bayt on their YouTube channel.

One Man Orchestra

YouTuber Ben Morfitts filmed himself playing every part in a 70-piece orchestra. Every single instrument you see in the video clip below is actually being played by one man. Ben shot and edited the three-minute piece using CGI software to create the illusion of a 70-man orchestra, over the course of a month. Watch the… Continue reading One Man Orchestra

Red Bull Kart Fight 2015

Abdullah Al Shehab clinched the 2015 Red Bull Kart Fight title in Kuwait which was held at Sirbb track. Al Shehab won a hard fought race after facing tough competition from Bandar Ali. Both drivers were level on points after securing 48 points from the final two races but it was the fastest lap that… Continue reading Red Bull Kart Fight 2015