Slow Motion Taser Impacts on Bare Skin

YouTube stars “The Slow Mo Guys” latest video features a taser being fired at bare skin at 28,000 fps. They had to travel to the Taser headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona to perform the dangerous experiment. The demonstration was shot in an astonishing 28,500 frames per second to catch the taser in action. Watch the video… Continue reading Slow Motion Taser Impacts on Bare Skin

The Taser Photoshoot

Photographer Patrick Hall came up with an unusual idea for a photoshoot project. He managed to find a group of people who agreed to get tased with a stun gun and have their reactions photographed. “Some people screamed while others were quiet,” Hall explained. “A few people looked like they were experiencing pleasure while others had the most painful faces I’ve ever… Continue reading The Taser Photoshoot