3 Year Old Taxi Driver Freaks Out Passengers

British company behind taxi-summoning smartphone app Hailo is celebrating its 3rd anniversary by having a 3 year old boy drive around Dublin in a Taxi. The reactions of their customers were priceless and hilarious. The video below, posted by Hailo’s official YouTube channel, features the toddler sitting on the lap of an actual driver disguised… Continue reading 3 Year Old Taxi Driver Freaks Out Passengers

Time-Lapse Dublin By Ammar Al-Saleh

Ammar Al-Saleh created an amazing time-lapse of the beautiful city of Dublin. The incredible four and a half minutes video of the Irish capital was shot over a period of 4 months. The result is an extraordinary journey through the city most fascinating historical sites.

Beautiful Time-Lapse Compares Paris And New York City

Filmmaker Franck Matellini has created a clever time-lapse video that shows the beautiful similarities between Paris and New York City. The video shows the two popular cities in a split screen, side-by-side comparison between cultures, architecture, transportation and more.

New York Noir: Amazing Hyper-Lapse Video of New York City

Filmmaker Geoff Tompkinson took a trip through New York City most popular places, capturing the city with his special hyper-lapse technique and presenting the Big Apple in a whole new perspective. In the video, New York Noir, Tompkinson combined time-lapse and hyper-lapse techniques with a monochrome and selective colour treatment.

Foreign Student Charged $4,240 for Taxi Ride

Chicago Police are looking for the taxi driver who scammed the collage student from China out of several thousand dollars on a 150 mile Taxi ride to Champaign, Illinois. The 18-year-old University of Illinois student arrived at O’Hare airport at 6 P.M. on August 20th, and was approached by a Taxi driver who offered to drive him to… Continue reading Foreign Student Charged $4,240 for Taxi Ride

Norwegian Prime Minister Works as Taxi Driver

The Prime Minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg, has spent an afternoon working undercover as a taxi driver. He wanted to hear from real Norwegian voters ahead of his campaign for re-election in September. The Prime Minister wore sunglasses and an Oslo taxi driver’s uniform for the shift, and he only revealed his identity if he was recognized by the passengers. The original video has… Continue reading Norwegian Prime Minister Works as Taxi Driver