Green Tea Vs Black Tea

While both black and green teas are made from the same plant, called Camellia Sinensis. Green tea leaves undergo minimal processing, while black tea has gone through an oxidation process, called fermentation. Simon Whistler from Today I Found Out, explains the difference between black tea and green tea, what the two teas have in common and… Continue reading Green Tea Vs Black Tea

Starbucks Plans To Open Its First Tea Bar

It has been almost a year since Starbucks bought Teavana and they’re already planning on opening the first tea bar in New York City. The Seattle-based company says Teavana Fine Teas + Teavana Tea Bar will serve sweets and other food including flatbreads, salads and small plates in a trendy, cafe-like setting. The menu of food and freshly… Continue reading Starbucks Plans To Open Its First Tea Bar

Snapple Contains Alcohol

My favorite Snapple drink contains alcohol?! Dubai have ordered to have the fruit flavored tea drink to be removed from supermarket shelves after it was found to contain excessive amounts of alcohol. According to Arabian Business, Dubai Municipality removed the American beverage known for its flavored teas and fruit drinks after they found that it contain 0.48 percent and… Continue reading Snapple Contains Alcohol

Lionel Richie Hello Mug

A New Jersey-based artist Lorrie Veasey from LennyMud Shop handcrafted the “Hello” Lionel Richie mug. The mug features the image of the famous American singer Lionel Richie and his hit song “Hello” which originally asks, “Is it me you’re looking for?”. But this mug reads only “HELLO” on the front. The interior is painted with a brilliant… Continue reading Lionel Richie Hello Mug

Battery Thermokruzhkus Mug

The Battery Thermokruzhkus Mug is a classic black ceramic mug with a white outline of a battery indicator on it. Pour in your hot liquid – anything over 96.8F (36C) – and watch the green cells within the battery light up. As your beverage cools the battery will fade into emptiness, reminding you that you need a refill.… Continue reading Battery Thermokruzhkus Mug

Nestlé Toll House New Branch at Marina Crescent

Nestlé Toll House Cafe by Chip, today announced the opening of its second newest branch at the Marina Crescent, Salmiya. The brand is well-known for its high-quality cookies and coffee. To be honest, I have always loved their chocolate chip cookies. They come in all shapes and sizes and textures as well. The new location… Continue reading Nestlé Toll House New Branch at Marina Crescent